Thursday, March 10, 2011

Light Basement

Remember that big project from last summer? I finally have some pictures of it! This was another project with Harrow construction in a small beautiful town in Idaho.

This project started with a very dark color scheme! In a rare 180 degree change of mind the clients decided that dark was not going to work for a basement, in spite of a wall of windows. So, the plan changed after the saws had already began to buzz. I only mention this little bit because this is a high anxiety change for a woodworker! Without too many casualties, we made the adjustment to the new color scheme: "whites, creams, and ivories." In the end I am happy. I only painted over a little bit of walnut.

This is sort of a long view through the length of the basement. there are are a lot of "ins and outs," textural contrasts and interesting uses of light. The fireplace is solid stone, carved by one previously mentioned Chad Parkinson the master of making everything look effortless.

Here is a closer look at the wetbar. I love how the stone on the wall is the backsplash for the right bank of cabinets. I also love arch top glass paneled doors with glass shelves. I also recommended mirrored interiors, but it didn't fly. I guess they'll fill these with expensive shiny things and that will be bling enough.

On to what the client calls his Roman Bath. Since this is the bottom floor, they had to cut out quite a healthy piece of concrete to dig out the space for this bath. The tile work is really crisp and well layed.

It also has a steam shower unit which is concealed by...the cover I featured in progress a while back. If you click on the picture you can see the wonderful weathered look of the patina.

Missing from the tour are pictures of the Office area, which is opposite a craft area the size of a kitchen complete with rolling island with cutting surface. The counter tops are all maple butcher block, which I really like. Also missing is the extensive closet and theater room. It is quite an open refreshing change from what we started with. Just for fun here is what the bathroom looked like before the remodel and one shot of the rest of the basement.

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