Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet The A-Chair

There are so many chairs in the world. There are thousands or maybe millions of choices of chairs you can buy ranging from little brittle elegant antiques to giant beanbag chairs to Frank Lloyd Wright's "art" chairs that were probably never meant to be sat in. Why does the world need one more chair?

The perfect chair is a designer's holy grail. It is his yardstick. When a certain chair begins to move, it starts appearing in more places, people recognize it. The earth starts to fill up with his chairs. Thrift shops and auctions and landfills alike.

The A-chair is a studio chair, made one at a time like a sculpture. In the same breath it is also practical and very sturdy. Its design does not trump its function. This one is a walnut chair with a cherry seat. I'm building them out of the old standbys: Walnut, Cherry and White oak, or a combination. Hopefully people will be drawn to the A-chair for the following reasons: because they like the way it looks, because it is well built and because it is very comfortable.

Price: $750 (cherry) more than a production chair, much less than Thomas Moser!

Speaking about the design, it is a low profile chair, the backrest just barely above the table. I want to see a room that is uninterrupted by high chair backs. It is a balance of slender and strong, square and rounded with some elements calling more attention to themselves; those being not purely aesthetic, but for comfort as well. The seat for example is curvy, but not just for kicks, it sort of cradles you in and slides you slightly back.

So, go out into the world little chair, rise or fall on your own merits!

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