Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In sharp contrast to yesterday's rustic fireplace, here is a contemporary collaboration I did with M3 design, the other SLC-based group of talented young chaps.

The design is interesting from multiple viewpoints, and is made of some really great materials. I could really dork-out about the specifics, but in a nutshell the base is constructed mainly of brushed white oak. The wire brushing makes the grain stand out in high relief, accenting the "thumb print" of the wood which I really dig. There is also walnut, sandblasted glass and two of the raddest handmade copper sinks, which will take-on their own dark patina over time.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


As we were finishing up the installation of the fireplace, the clients asked if we'd done other fireplaces in the past. Here is one I designed way back when. The finish is multi-layered and I wish I had a picture of the whole thing. It is about 9 feet tall overall.
Anyway, here's one from the archives:
P.S. Images of the (current) finished fireplace with mosaic will be forthcoming! Keep your socks on!