Friday, October 14, 2011

Like & Win

Hello small flock of followers! I have decided to give away one of my reclaimed racks to one lucky person who chooses to "like" Ivory Bill on facebook. Double entries for those who share the post on their facebook pages and link back to the giveaway. Get the word out!

Hang your hat and coat on a piece of history! This reclaimed rack is made of a piece of old-growth oak from the side of a barn and is 100+ years old. Mother nature has been working for decades on the silvery dark patina. The surface has been left un-planed and only lightly sanded so that it is smooth to the touch. This rack looks good among modern and rustic decorations alike. Non-toxic beeswax finish.

Good luck!


  1. This would be perfect for our cabin. Love it!

  2. How beautiful..I love recycled and found goodies and would adore this (or any of your lovely crafted items) in my home..

  3. Oh I love this! Thanks for the giveaway... I'm heading over to LIKE you on Facebook right now!

  4. I loved the reclaimed charm and whimsy! You did a beautiful job bringing out it's rustic beauty.