Friday, October 21, 2011

Consume or Create

This is an in-progress report of the first round of workshops.

So far the first and second workshops have gone swimmingly. I was thinking after the first class how valuable it would have been at the onset of my accidental induction into the woodworking profession to have taken a course like this one! I am jealous of the participants.

I have no dazzling new machines. We do not meet in an 8,000 square foot shop. I do not give speculative advice on how to get rich quickly. We just cover the straight dope! Lots of things that help woodworkers avoid many of the mistakes that I had to make: Safety, milling, construction, joinery, finishing. A starting-from-scratch approach that breaks concepts into comprehensive pieces for the mind to easily digest. The approach is simplified, but not simplistic. It is the way I wish I had started! It also is a working demonstration of how to put together a lean, low-overhead shop.

I feel like by teaching these workshops, I am offering something of value to the world. Woodworking is, after all the most enjoyable profession. We are not accidentally a culture of Purchase! Discard! Consume! It is not a secret that the few profit by ensuring that we have plenty of inexpensive and disposable goods to choose from. Why not learn instead to use your hands and build something permanent and meaningful? Fight waste! Learn to Create!

Here is a cutting board we made in the second workshop:

The next round of workshops will be starting in a few weeks. If you'd like to reserve a spot or make suggestions on a schedule that is more convenient, send me an e-mail.

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