Wednesday, December 15, 2010

young apprentice

Sam is constantly coming out to the shop to "help" his dad get some work done. It both slows me down to a near stop several times a week and delights me. The other day after one of Sam's visits, I had to pause and laugh at his excellent job cleaning up. There were these regular patterns in the sawdust where he had dragged the broom one direction and then another believing that this was how it was done. Now firmly out of an effective pattern I turned on some good music, swept the floor and tried to get back into the project puzzling at the opposing forces at work in the shop. It is the worst best place to do woodworking.

Here are some doors that went to an enormous entertainment center I built earlier this summer. There were four upper doors made in a revised French Country style. The finish was sort of a cream with some light glazing. Overall, the piece had quite a bit of ornamentation, something that is outside of the average IB project, which was good for a change.

Some odd rails with the tenons cut into them, ready to assemble.

My best helper Sam helping me dry fit the parts together.

Gluing and assembling the various parts.

Driving the stiles home before clamping.

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  1. I love to see how your family life integrates with work - Sam is so precious! And believe me, the time goes by so quickly that you are wise to appreciate his company! I've got my own wood shop back in working order just in time for Santa's workshop - nothing like what you do so well, but made some building blocks for my grand daughter and a cajon for my percussionist son, Jake.