Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chad Parkinson Envy

This green onyx bathroom is one of the most spectacular rooms I have ever been in. Ivory Bill did the layout and design and Chad Parkinson (Ivory Bill Alumnus) and our talented friend Will made the actual magic. They are meticulous about every intersection and every joint. In the shower (pictures coming soon to the website) they used a slab of onyx to make a seamless bench. The ledge around the lower edge of the shower is also seamlessly cut from a slab as well as all door frames and windows. Ivory Bill made the walnut vanity with subtle relief carving. The clients chose a nice lighter onyx for the top and backsplash for contrast.

A note here too about the contractor Devan Thompson of Harrow Construction (Idaho Falls.) He did a colossal amount of work tearing out the existing bathroom, reconfiguring it, making calculations about the weight, sourcing all of this beautiful stone and making the whole thing come together wonderfully; including doing a lot of the finishing touches. The design dictated that there be a plaster cove above the top shelf where the onyx ended so that the light wouldn't end in a sharp corner, but would instead bend up into the ceiling, creating a smooth transition from wall to ceiling. Devan made that happen too.

When the clients told me that they wanted floor to ceiling stone, I was worried that it would end up a little too over-the-top. Now, having seen the finish, I don't feel that way at all. In spite of the lavish materials it escapes being overdone or gaudy. It is instead an intriguing space with much that is beautiful to look at and from many different angles.

And so I am envious. Chad (& Co.) have made a great contribution to the nearly extinct virtue of excellent craftsmanship and beautiful, timeless design.


  1. This room has such an amazing atmosphere...I would think it must be so restful and luxurious to sit in the tub and just enjoy!