Thursday, May 27, 2010


This table is part of a breakfast nook. Two of the sides will have chairs and two of them will join a built-in bench. The client's only instructions were: "make it earthquake proof." Just joking. The base is made of cherry and is at the finisher as we speak being dressed in a rich dark finish.

The top is made of thick quartersawn oak with walnut inlays and is going to have a natural finish, making it a medium value to contrast with the dark cherry. The chairs are also cherry with a contrasting quartersawn "saddle."

The table is joined together with deep mortises and big tenons, which are locked tight with dowels. The two main parts are connected with a central runner and two aprons, which are removable for moving. Fully assembled this table probably weighs more than my car.

While I was finish-sanding the top, I had it standing on end and looked away briefly to grab a new piece of sandpaper. The massive thing fell and almost ended my life! What we have to sacrifice for art...

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  1. Beautiful piece! Please post some photos of the table and chairs when fully finished!